The second in a series of blogs relating to the current state Regen Network governance

On-chain governance is a fairly simple concept whereby token holders vote on proposals which allow parameter and code changes to be accepted or rejected by the validators. If you’re a token holder that is new to governance, welcome, we are stoked to have you! Our intention is to provide you with clarity on the terms and processes associated with the realm of governance. We’re lucky to have Gavin who did an excellent job of explaining the different mechanisms of governance summarized in this blog post.

Step 1: Deposits

All participants will be receiving a prize with the top 3 earning the majority of the 10,000 USD prize money

We are happy to announce the winners of the Gitcoin GreenNFT Regen submissions! We had some fantastic submissions and so in the spirit of community, we awarded everyone a prize with the top 3 participants earning the majority of the 10,000 dollar prize money. The top 3 winners for this hackathon are mikehroth, paplco and jennifertrin!

Congratulations mikehroth on winning the 4000 dollar prize!

Our first-place winner, mikehroth, presented “a proposal that outlines the potential integration of the FungyProof application and API with Regen Network for the purpose of enabling end-users to purchase carbon offsets for their NFTs”. We found this proposal highly innovative because it utilizes three…

The first in a series of blogs relating to the current state Regen Network governance

As an active $REGEN token holder one of the most important duties is to participate in governance and vote on updates to the blockchain. The Regen Network blockchain is currently in its early stages, however, there will be many governance proposals coming up over the course of the first year.

For example, changes that could be proposed might include the ability for token holders to transfer their tokens to one another or for Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to be enabled, which would allow for the sending of messages to transfer tokens from one chain to another. …

A slashing event occurred on May 7th at 3:33 AM UTC which consequently tombstoned the FreshREGEN validator

A slashing event occurred on May 7 at 3:33 AM UTC which consequently tombstoned the FreshREGEN validator. This means that the validator was put into a state where it could no longer be in the active set and propose blocks. Unfortunately, a slashing event affects not only the validator but the users who have delegated to it as well.

Slashing can occur for two reasons:

  • Validator downtime
  • Double-signing a block

This slashing event was triggered by FreshREGEN double-signing, an action which means the…

Outcomes and Minor Changes

Candidate Outcome

We successfully concluded our candidate for mainnet launch on April 6, 2021 and only a small need to fine tune the genesis file was required. Due to the hard work performed during the previous testnets by the community validators and the RND Inc team we are happy to announce that the chain operated perfectly and we are ready for launch on April 15, 2021!

Minor Changes

You can read more about the purpose of our one week candidate chain here however, to summarize, the main purpose of our candidate chain was to allow token holders to audit their wallet balance before launch.

Staking/delegating is a great way to earn REGEN tokens and an important part of maintaining and growing the value of your tokens. It’s also an important part of being a community member and supporting the network. Individuals operating a validator have to pay for infrastructure and the more secure and complex the infrastructure the more costs are associated with it. Delegating to validators by staking your REGEN tokens helps cover the infrastructure costs validators accrue, and will earn you a solid return on your REGEN tokens as well! …

Becoming a Regen validator is an important part of our ecosystem and we value anyone who attempts to do so. In order to do so the first step is to spin up a validator server by following our guides at and becoming familiar with our github. Next you will want to self-delegate but you will also want to gain delegations from others.

Delegators typically have their own criteria for choosing which validator to delegate to, so when starting your journey to becoming a validator on the Regen Network you should ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you running secure…

We are approximately two weeks from mainnet launch, happening April 15, 2021 and are finalizing the last steps. As of March 30, 2021 our candidate chain has launched and token holders now have the ability to check their wallet balances using the Keplr wallet extension!

Candidate Chain

Our candidate chain allows us to perform a final audit and, as mentioned, allows our token holders to check their wallet balances before mainnet launch. We have sent out an email to all token holders which describes the process of auditing their wallet balances and contains instructions for addressing any discrepancies. Token holders can also…

Keeping Community Members Safe from Hackers

TLDR Always verify the sender of an email! Always check the url before typing in your password! Use long complicated Passwords! Use a password manager and enable 2FA/MFA on all of your accounts! Be aware of who you are communicating with! Do not be lazy! Take security seriously!

Why Security?

The answer to this question may seem obvious but there are many users who do not seriously consider the importance of staying secure online. We are a Blockchain company which makes us one of the most targeted types of startups and as many of us…

Blockchaining on Regen Network, the safe way.

TLDR: Setup Keplr wallet using the instructions below or this article. Always store your mnemonic seed and never give out your private keys. Not your keys, not your crypto.

What’s a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Similarly to our everyday life, in blockchain we store our currencies in wallets. Whether you are storing fungible or non-fungible tokens you will be storing them in one of the many types of wallets.

Custodial vs Non-Custodial Wallets

When creating wallets we have the option of using two different types, custodial or non-custodial. Custodial wallets are ones where we do not own the private keys and are operated…

Regen Network

A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming.

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