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The Matavén REDD+ Project in the Unified Indigenous Reserve of the Matavén Forest (RIU-SM) focuses on the participatory development of an integrated management system for forests and lands. The project aims to ensure the sustainability of the reserve and mitigate threats to its conservation, primarily by preventing deforestation through the implementation of a REDD+ Project (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation).

The Unified Indigenous Reservation — Selva de Matavén (RIU-SM) The RIU-SM, is the fourth largest indigenous reservation in Colombia. Situated in the transition strip between the Orinoquía and the Colombian Amazon, the Association of Indigenous Cabildos and Traditional Authorities of the Matavén Selva (ACATISEMA) was established by the indigenous leaders of the region to guide the political, economic, and socio-cultural processes, ensuring the prosperity of their people and the preservation of the Matavén Forest.

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The RIU-SM comprises the territories and communities of 16 former reservations and six different ethnic groups: Sikuani, Piaroa, Puinave, Curripaco, Cubeo, and Piapoco. The Matavén REDD+ Project is designed to respect and honor the worldview, cultural integrity, and autonomy, of all the indigenous peoples within the RIU-SM. Recognizing their crucial role in forest protection, biodiversity conservation, and the preservation of cultural heritage, the project stands as a testament to their commitment to safeguarding their ancestral lands. Additionally, the Matavén Forest within the RIU-SM holds immense biodiversity significance, serving as a habitat for 249 bird species, 198 butterfly species, and 121 plant species.

TCO2: Toucan Carbon Tokens

The credit class of the Matavén REDD+ project provides a vehicle for Toucan Protocol’s Toucan Carbon Tokens (TCO2s) to be bridged from Polygon and made available on Regen Marketplace. Each TCO2 represents a unique carbon offset brought on-chain from the Verra registry using the Toucan Carbon Bridge.

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