• Simone Esposito

    Simone Esposito

  • Heidi Lim (she/her)

    Heidi Lim (she/her)

    Lover of the environment and tech. Harvard '14, SF-based, queer Chinese-American, listens to way too much music. IG pics and Tweet enviro stuff: @HeidiHeidiLim

  • Bill Baue

    Bill Baue

    Catalyzing systems change toward thrivance. Co-Founder http://r3–0.org/ http://SustyContext.org http://currnt.com/ https://www.cchange.net/

  • Ilya Eriklintsev

    Ilya Eriklintsev

    Research fellow, privacy activist and a decent systems engineer.

  • Greg Beier

    Greg Beier

    macroESG.com: markets, politics + technology for a sustainable future | futureblog.org: tomorrow’s news today | IG & Twitter: @gregbeier

  • Leonid Skylab

    Leonid Skylab

  • Tim Gieseke

    Tim Gieseke

    adding the ecological dimension to the economy -w/ platform, process and ecurrency

  • Greta Borsten

    Greta Borsten

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