Regen Mainnet Final Steps

We are approximately two weeks from mainnet launch, happening April 15, 2021 and are finalizing the last steps. As of March 30, 2021 our candidate chain has launched and token holders now have the ability to check their wallet balances using the Keplr wallet extension!

Candidate Chain

Mainnet Validator Instructions

GenTX submissions

How to become a mainnet validator

In order to ensure the highest likelihood of being in this set, validators must first submit a genTx then self-delegate. Delegators will choose to delegate at their own discretion so it will be helpful for validators to convey some transparency to the delegators as well. Validators may want to consider whether or not delegators know them and if they have a good reputation among the community. RND Inc and the Regen Foundation will also be publishing a set of criteria on which we will base our own delegations on. This criteria will include but are not limited to the following. Are validators running secure and reliable infrastructure? Are validators in some way trying to apply the high level application logic to create ecological credits and are they working to engage a broader community? Token holders will likely have their own set of criteria but may keep these three in mind when choosing.

Genesis is around the corner!

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