Regen Network Slashing Event

  • Validator downtime
  • Double-signing a block

Double signing

Double signing is a threat to the utility and value of the network. Regen Ledger is a public blockchain for ecological accounting, as such, it must accurately track the state of the $REGEN staking token, credit balances, the metadata associated with these credits, not to mention the state representing governance parameters. The thesis of a public network approach is to have governance over protocols or algorithmic management to guarantee data integrity and availability. Double signing is an interference with the statefulness that the network requires to track and produce public goods.

How This Affects Delegators

Delegators to FreshREGEN have experienced some loss in tokens. This 5% slashing penalty as described on FreshREGEN’s website has been deducted from delegators’ wallet and no longer exists on-chain. RND Inc and FreshREGEN are discussing options to reimburse delegators. At this time, we recommend all FreshREGEN delegators redelegate if you have not already done so by visiting the Keplr dashboard.



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Regen Network

Regen Network


A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming.