Staking/delegating is a great way to earn REGEN tokens and an important part of maintaining and growing the value of your tokens. It’s also an important part of being a community member and supporting the network. Individuals operating a validator have to pay for infrastructure and the more secure and complex the infrastructure the more costs are associated with it. Delegating to validators by staking your REGEN tokens helps cover the infrastructure costs validators accrue, and will earn you a solid return on your REGEN tokens as well! You are likely to earn between 7% and 20% APR on your tokens when you stake your tokens!

How does delegation work on keplr? Follow the tutorials below and find out how easy it is! Regen Network is about one week from launch at the time of writing so there is no tutorial on how to specifically use REGEN but the following tutorials describe the exact process which will be used for staking Regen tokens!

Staking on keplr

Staking on keplr using Ledger

Choosing the right Validator

  1. Are they running secure and reliable infrastructure and have they disclosed your architecture?
  2. Are they in some way trying to apply the high level application logic to create ecological credits?
  3. Are they working to engage a broader community?
  4. Are they a professional validator?
  5. Did they perform well during testnets?
  6. Does RND Inc know who they are?
  7. Are they active within the community on discord/telegram and in the discourse forum?

A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming.

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